Doctor and lawyer

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  • Has represented, over 35 years, physicians and dentists in all general practice areas and specialties
  • Has drafted and negotiated hundreds of contracts affecting diverse physician and dentist agreements, and third party payors demanding recoupment
  • Has represented over 70 purchasers and sellers of medical, dental, related practices, and hospitals, Including or excluding attached real estate, from low six figures, to high eight figures
  • Has otherwise represented physicians and dentists in complex employment and commercial transactions
  • Has represented IL and other-state physicians, house officers, dentists, and other providers at IDFPR regarding suspension, revocation, application problems, including trials before administrative law judges, especially IL, WI, TX, NY
  • Highly proficient in Medical Staff Bylaws, Medical Staff credentialing, clinical department rules and regulations, and appeals and hearings resulting therefrom
  • Has represented healthcare providers and colleges in de-accreditation proceedings
  • Has represented physicians and dentists in many courts for over 40 years
  • Actively licensed to practice in IL, AZ, DC, GA, MA, MN, NE, NY, TX, WI
  • Admitted to practice in over 55 federal courts nationwide
  • Has examined many diverse practitioners at jury trials, particularly in forensic practice
  • Has represented physician and dentist practitioners accused of civil and criminal fraud, especially appealing from federal criminal convictions and sentences
  • The first and long-serving Associate General Counsel of Northwestern Memorial Hospital (now Northwestern Medicine)
  • Editor, author, and lecturer in health law and education law
  • Available 24/7 by telephone and email
  • Always reasonable attorneys’ fees

Steven H. JesserContact: Steven H. Jesser, Attorney at Law, P.C.
847-212-5620 (mobile)
2700 Patriot Boulevard, Suite 250
Glenview, IL 60026-8021