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OB/GYN Robotics

Shorter Stays, Faster Recoveries, Less Blood Loss Obstetrics and Gynecology is a popular choice for residency training. Even as medical students in the clinical rotations, we experience deeply meaningful relationships with patients at poignant [...]

  • Carolyn Harper and Dr. Jennifer Gnerlich

Bringing It to the [Operating] Table

The field of surgical oncology, with its recent board certification, is rapidly becoming a popular specialty.  However, I have felt that the role of the surgical oncologist in patient care has yet to be fully [...]

  • Patrick L. McDonald, Jeffrey L. Borello, William C. Utz

How to Pick a True IT Partner

BROUGHT TO YOU BY FOR THIS EDITION'S FOCUS ON: PRACTICE MANAGEMENT / REVENUE CYCLING Patrick L. McDonald, Jeffrey L. Borello, William C. Utz Did you miss Part 1 [...]

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Physician’s Voice

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Bringing the Family Back to Birth

Costs to Advancement The technology around prenatal and intra-partum care has undergone several advancements in the last several decades.  Many of these have had a very positive impact on patient care including more advanced prenatal [...]


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Medical Office Development Doing More with Less

© EyeMark The pressure is on for healthcare providers to decrease their dependence on traditional inpatient hospital facilities and diversify their outreach [...]

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Operational Challenges for Professional Services Firms

Medical practices face numerous operational challenges, but by understanding the trends driving these challenges, firms can turn them into building opportunities. Professional services firms need [...]

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The Elderly Not Included in Cancer Research

© Katarzyna Bialasiewicz photographee.eu - Fotolia 80-year-old Ruth Sitzman is a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy treatment and lives in the Jewish retirement [...]

Overpayments Key Issues Physicians Should Consider - Part 1 of 2

Is it better to ask for forgiveness or to seek permission? Regarding Medicare and Medicaid overpayments, it is better to identify and report any overpayments [...]

More Fun with Big Bottles

This is great time of year for entertaining, having friends and family over.  When you are going to set the table, I hope you’ll consider [...]

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Achieve Population Health Management Success Ways Communications Can Help

© ileezhun - Fotolia Population health management is nothing new, but it has taken on new meaning with the introduction of [...]