• Dr. Christopher Talbot and Dr. Erin Rowell

We’re Not Just Kidding Around

Dr. Christopher Talbot and Dr. Erin Rowell of Lurie Children's Institute for Fetal Health | © Jan Terry, Lurie Children's Audio Visual The Institute for Fetal Health During Ashley Salvador’s 20-week ultrasound, [...]

Physician’s Voice

  • Kamra Inlay

Drug Tech Love Affair

Ophthalmology continues its love affair with technology but embraces new drug technology and the potential use of stem cells. In April 2015 the FDA approved the first corneal implant to treat presbyopia.  Presbyopia is an aging [...]


  • Cynthia LaBella, MD examining a patient

Eliminating the Commute Lurie Children's Outpatient Center Moves

More than 40 physicians and APNs in 15 pediatric subspecialties Cynthia LaBella, MD, Medical Director of the Institute for Sports Medicine at Lurie Children's, will be able to see more patients at [...]


Pediatric Dentistry Environment is Key

According to an interviewee for this article, she and her husband started scheduling visits to the dentist early on. The environment is key when it [...]

Nuturing the Nature of Your IT System Part 1 of 2

Nearly every physician’s practice, hospital and healthcare system has a unique health IT core.  As a system evolves, it typically begins to share priorities with [...]

Healthcare Communications Landscape is Changing, Too

The healthcare landscape, as we all know, is changing dramatically. You need to adapt to new rules and regulations while still meeting the needs of [...]

  • Wine-testing

The Wine MD Explorers’ Club

50,000 cases per year is small Robert Frost would have you believe that ‘good fences make good neighbors’; in the world of [...]